How to Apply for a Social Housing in London

If you’re residing in London and you happen to be in need of a social housing, you and your family can apply for one through your local housing authority office. The office will determine whether you and your family are eligible for a social housing. The office will make a complete review and assessment of your status. You will then be notified of its final decision.

When applying for a social housing, the first thing to do is to go to your local housing office and ask for an application form. You should completely fill out this form. After doing so, hand the form to the person in charge of receiving such document.

A notice will be mailed to you informing you whether or not you are eligible for a social housing in London. If you are, you will then be asked to submit some requirements and documentation. Prepare all the requirements and all the documents and make extra copies thereof. Come to the office on your scheduled appointment, which means you must come on the exact date and time specified. It is best you come at an earlier time so you can review your documents before you’re called.

How to Apply for a Social Housing in London

Remember that you must be well prepared in answering all the questions that will be asked from you. Always be honest and provide the authority with factual answers. Most common questions that will be asked include information on your monthly income and earnings, as well as your citizenship status.

Be well informed about the recent placement on the housing list. This will depend on the size of the bedroom and also the size of your family. You must be ready to occupy the unit once you’re notified that you are ready and set to move in on the stated date provided for you and your family.

Celebrate Your Birthday the London Way

There are a lot of ways to celebrate your 18th birthday in London. You may choose to celebrate your birthday indoors (in clubs, pubs, bars, movie theatres, etc.), or you may have it outdoors. Your 18th birthday is a special birthday, and you don’t want to miss all the fun during this day. This article will offer you some ideas on how you can spend your birthday with a blast.

Movie Theatres

Spending your 18th birthday in one of London’s world-class theatres is probably a great idea. You can book tickets online, and ticket price varies for every show. It is better if you book tickets in advance. Some theatres have food package, but you can also opt for a wonderful dinner after.

Celebrate Your Birthday the London Way

Clubs, Pubs, Bars

Celebrate Your Birthday the London Way

Your 18th birthday calls for a big celebration because this is the stage you become of legal age. So perhaps it is a great idea to celebrate your first day of adulthood in some of the finest clubs in London. You can search for some of the most popular clubs over the internet. You may want to book for a club that suits your party needs and is large enough to accommodate all your visitors.

Private Party Venues

If you want to have a simple 18th birthday party, you might want to book for a private party venue like Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes or The Kingpin Suite. Some of the features in these rooms include a game room, a karaoke, and a DJ system.

Celebrate Your Birthday the London Way


You can also celebrate your 18th birthday outdoors. You can spend it playing golf with your close friends, going on a picnic with your family, etc. You may also consider London’s finest attractions like Harry Potter’s London tour, rock ’n roll tours, and helicopter tours to get a view of this wonderful city.

But no matter how you celebrate your birthday, the key is to just enjoy!

Best Bars in London

London is popular for its exciting environment. When you live in London, it would be impossible not to try its fantastic bars. Socializing is an important aspect in life, especially if you are new in the place. It is an avenue for meeting new people and establishing friendship. If you are relocating to London and still don’t have an idea of a place where you can socialize, this article will give you a tip of the best bars to visit:

Best Bars in London
  • Albion
    Albion is located in the city and the east of London. For people who like style and sophistication, this is the bar to visit. It has a wide range of cocktails and beverages and a food section too. It serves simple menus like sandwiches and cuisines – the reason why this place has been a favorite of many locals. The bar gets positive reviews and is most ideal for those who are new in the city.
  • 1707 – Mayfair
    1707 is situated in an upscale place in Mayfair. If you want a night out with a touch of class and good company, this is the bar to go to. The interior is made of brick and wood, which makes it more comfortable. It caters to customers of all ages and serves a wide range of wine, cheese, and smoked fish.
  • Coquine – West London
    West London is the place to be if you want a wide variety of bars, with themes from simple and classy to complex and exaggerated. Coquine is among the fabulous bars in the city that serves as a dining area too. It has two levels; the upper level has a glamorous ambiance, while it boasts a nightclub in the ground floor to dance the night away.
  • Anam – Islington
    This bar suits well for young people, where socializing comes with a style. It has a retro ambiance with a DJ to host the night party. It has a wide selection of drinks at an affordable price.
Best Bars in London

These are some of the best bars in London. If you are planning to have a trip in the city and want to make your stay memorable, you can visit these great bars. Surely, it will be one unforgettable night.

Meeting New Friends in London

If you’re a stranger in a new place, you want to get out of your apartment right away to start meeting new friends. Spending time alone is not a bad thing, but being new in a place can make you feel lonely. If you’re new in London, meeting new friends is not a problem at all. It has a population of over seven million, which means you have the potential to meet over seven million new friends. Here are some tips you can use if you want to make new friends:

Meeting New Friends in London
  1. Go to places where potential friends go. One of the most effective ways to meeting new friends is joining a group of people with the same interest as yours. You can join art clubs, book clubs, Christian groups, or any club or group that gets your interest.
  2. Use the internet to find new friends. But be cautious in assessing a person’s motives. Not everyone has good motives. And if you agree to meet up, make it in a public place.
  3. Communicate with people. Meeting new friends needs a little effort from you. Communication is the best way to do this. Try to greet the people you meet in your neighborhood, at work, and even in restaurants. By interacting with different people, you are sure to make one or two friends soon.
  4. Compliment people. With strangers, a conversation can start by giving them compliments.
  5. Start a conversation. After making compliments, it can take you further by starting a conversation. Introduce yourself and ask the other person’s name. To have a good conversation, let the other person start and follow it up with questions.
Meeting New Friends in London

These tips will surely help you gain new friends when you’re in London. So go out and explore new places, enjoy, and meet new people.

Social Adventures in London

Indulging yourself in a new place, new environment is certainly a whole new way to enjoy the holidays or any special occasion with your loved ones. Going to London may be a fun and exciting experience. Here, you can discover a new culture, as well as beautiful places each with its rich history. You can also enjoy social adventures within the city. If you are fond of night-outs and love to dine, London has a lot of clubs, bars, and restaurants to offer.

Social Adventures in London

Getting to London may be done by various means either by bus, train, plane, or ferry perhaps, depending on your location. These simple tips will guide you to making your social adventure trip to London possible.

Before anything else, consider your budget. Allot the amount of money you will need for the entire trip. If you come from a distant country such as the United States or Australia, expect an expensive plane trip. The ticket price will also depend on the season.

Social Adventures in London

If you happen to reside within the UK, know all the options available for you to get to London. Know which option is most practical so you won’t get to spend too much cash. Another benefit that you can gain out of this is that you will be presented with a lot of travel dates that will suit your schedule best.

Know also your alternatives if you’re traveling by air. The price of airline tickets may range from 30 to 100 dollars.

Aside from taking the plane, the train is also a fun way to get to London. You have the option to ride in the Eurostar through an under-the-sea tunnel. However, rates for this are costly.

Social Adventures in London

Apart from trains and planes, a bus is also another means to reach London, though it will take more time. But the good thing is that it is a lot cheaper. Riding a bus is a good alternative if your budget is not that big. What matters in the end though is that you get to London and you get to enjoy your social adventure.

Christian Social Groups in London

Socializing is not confined to making acquaintances in bars and parties. It goes beyond the four walls of a party venue. If you are not a party person and want to make new friends in London, there are a number of Christian social groups to join. Here are some of them:

Christian Social Groups in London

Christian Connection Events for Single Christians in London

This group facilitates events for single Christians like dates, jive nights, party and comedy nights, and quiz bees. Their events are fun filled and a great avenue for having new acquaintances. If you are single and want to explore, this is a nice group to join.

Guildford Christians

If you are a Christian who puts Jesus as the center of your life, this is a group to be a part of. It offers bible studies, Christian-related discussions, and all other activities. The activities are decided collectively by the members during fellowships. This is open to all Christians.

Christian Social Groups in London

London Christians

If you are a Christian who wants to meet new people and make friends, this is the group to be in. It welcomes everyone. The activities include exploring London and other social activities.

Christian Social Groups in London

Costa Coffee Christian Meetup

For Christians who love coffee, this is the best group for you. It is open to all denominations, and everyone is welcome to join. It meets once a week and does an all-year round of fun activities.

Christian Singles 30 and Over Meet-up Group

This group is open to single Christians aged 30 and above. It has so many activities such as games, prayers, fellowships, and discussions about relationships. It is also open to taking new opportunities. During special dates, it organizes Valentine dates, conferences, parties, and movie viewing. With so many activities, you will be able to meet new people and learn from one another.

Truly, if your object in life is to serve the Lord, meeting people with that same interest and passion is advised. And one of the best groups to join is a Christian social group.

Social Media in London

Social media has become a part of people’s lives. It, in fact, has become a way of life. Just a click away and your communication with the world begin. Also, it is a great means to do business and expand. Many land-based businesses have their online sites. In London, there is a wide range of social media. They are:

Social Media in London

Love Social Media Meet Up Group

The site speaks about love for social media and bringing the world closer, businesses to their customers, and government to their people. It wants to spread love by creating a meet-up group on the site. Also, it is a source of educational information to help new entrepreneurs, publicists, marketers, and other people involved in related areas to increase their sales and improve their business.

London Social Media Mastermind Group

The site deals with how to begin and improve marketing channels. It empowers businesses and expands their market through social media. It is a venue where people can exchange ideas and learn from each other’s business experience.

Sweet Retweets

Recently, social media has been flooded with all types of businesses, telling people why to buy this, invest in this, and how it can help them. This social media site is different. It teaches people to write well for social media. The owner of the site has a long experience in web content and media campaigns. If you are interested to explore another area of expertise that can be a potential source of income, visit this site to learn more.

Educated Change

Social Media in London

Educated change is a social media site that deals with social media for business and career. It is inviting people who want to explore and learn more about growing their careers and businesses. It is also looking for people who want to try and start a career in social media.

Indeed, social media has become a way of life. But it is important you choose sites that will help you improve and uplift your way of life.

Socializing Pets

People in London place a great value for pets, especially dogs. This is evident from a number of pet care centers, dog daycares, and pet charities, all of which show that pets are a vital part of society.

Socializing Pets

Caring for pet dogs and protecting them from situations that may cause them anxiety are already part of our system. As pet owners, we always ensure that our pets grow healthily and stay in a safe environment. But in order for your pet dogs to grow into a more stable and happy companion, socializing them is very important.

Socialization is important not only at the early stages of your pet dog’s life but also during stage of adulthood. This can be done by way of repeating social pet habits. You may have met dogs that have behaved well during the early stages of their lives but became aggressive at a later point. These dogs need socialization.

If you happen to have a new adult dog in your home, one major factor that will concern you is being able to bring the pet to socialize effectively. For instance, if you notice that your pet is not comfortable with the other pets in your home, you should exert effort in making your new adult pet dog get along well with the other pets.

Socializing Pets

One good tip is to send an invitation to your friends to visit your new pet and have them bring their dogs. Do this progressively. You can train your dog effectively to socialize with the other dogs by means of positive association. This technique is very effective. A clear example of pet socialization through positive association is giving your pet dog a reward whenever the dog shows resentment and barks at the other dogs out of anger. You may give your pet his favorite food, something like a treat. A piece of dog biscuit or cookie will do. By that time, your pet will start associating the food (something that he likes) with the presence of other dogs, thereby converting the negative experience into a positive one. Do this repetitively, and you will see positive results.

Top Social Venues for Students in London

Who says partying is only for adults and professionals? In London, there are also various social venues for students where they can party with promotional special drinks and discounted entrance fees, enjoy the good music and lively crowd. If you’re a student, you can do all these without spending your whole allowance just to have one fun night.

Top Social Venues for Students in London

Check these social venues. But remember to bring your student ID to avail of special prices and treats.

Club de Fromage

If you like partying in fancy dresses, Club de Fromage is the place to be. It plays cheesy music with an entrance fee of Ј6 to enjoy all-night fun. This club is open every Saturday, with different themes such as superheroes, 80’s songs, boy bands, and many others.

Top Social Venues for Students in London

Club NME

This club is one of the most popular clubs for students. Here, you can experience the feel of an old theatre and cinema that has been transformed into a night-out venue of lively music played by uprising bands in London. There are DJs to spin new tracks and classic music until four in the morning.

Los Locos

This is located in the Central Covent Garden. It offers an affordable entrance fee and drinks for students every night. Wednesday is student night with drinks that cost only Ј1–Ј1.50.

Metra Bar and Club

The club opens every night in Leicester Square. Monday is student night with an in-house DJ spinning hip hop, funky, and R&B music all night long. It also offers discounts for students.

Popcorn at Heaven

The club has five rooms, seven bars, and three dance floors to accommodate the guests. Entrance fee is free for students who have NUS cards. It presents a mix of party every Monday night, spinning music from different genres and anthems with garage sales.

Top Social Venues for Students in London

The Roxy

The Roxy is a student-oriented club that will keep you dancing with its mix of classic music and indie hit songs. Make new friends by spending a night out in this club. Wednesday was made student night where discounts and treats await you, especially if you are an NUS card holder.

The Social

This club is a great venue for everyone. It is a little bar situated in Oxford Street, perfect for a relaxing night to enjoy live music and a laid-back crowd. Also, drinks are reasonably priced.

Tiger Tiger Haymarket

Monday is a special night for students in Tiger Tiger Haymarket. With just a Ј5 entrance fee, you get to enjoy this club in central London. It is a huge place with three bars. Be ready to be amazed when you step in; you will know why this club is so popular in London. Music varies from R&B, pop classics, and current hits.

With this wide variety of social venues to check in and enjoy, you will definitely have a time to relax and unwind after a busy school life.

Maintaining Social Values

In order to maintain social values, focus on the strategies that develop them. No matter what type of setting, these strategies will help your group maintain its cohesiveness and social values.

A group involves two or more persons who have similar social wants and interests. These individuals get together on a frequent basis. They get along well and interact healthily with another. We all know that human beings are very sociable. And we need the people around us in order to survive and live an emotionally healthy life. Because of the intrinsic need of people to belong, every person has the desire to be in a social group. And once a member of that group, he has a duty to maintain and keep the integrity of his social values within the group.

London is known to be a very large area. This implies that there are large groups that exist within the place and have their own set of values and culture. Maintaining cohesiveness within a group is very important for that group to survive. Keeping the social values within a group helps provide the emotional needs of every member and leads to a sense of belongingness and self-actualization. This guides them into functioning well in society.

Maintaining Social Values

The integrity of values and the maintenance of cohesiveness and belongingness occur whenever people within a social group have a strong bond with one another. Whether you are a leader or a member of that certain group, your task is to keep the members in close proximity with one another to establish unity and friendship.

Aiding members of a group to maintain their values and focusing on similar goals are keys to maintaining closeness within the group. You can state your goals clearly and illustrate examples for the members to understand your message easily. Keeping an open communication is also very vital in order for a group to stay intact.